From many years we design loudspeaker projects for individual customers, DIY and small manufacturers. We also build electronic circuits for enthusiasts of audio equipment.


What we do

One of the main business profile of company activities is loudspeaker design being done according to the Customer needs. For each loudspeaker design required technical documentation is prepared with approximate cost estimation. Constructed prototype set (usually in several copies), is a subjected to aural tests in an anechoic chamber.

1. Selection of elements
We select the most matching speakers, crossover and other components to the system.

2. Create first construction
Design of the initial construction or prototype based on the prepared documentation.

3. Documentation
We prepare accurate technical documentation 2D and 3D, also preliminary cost of the project.

4. Acoustic measurements
Finally, we making acoustic measurements and fix bugs in the all documentation.



Our projects

Here are our projects that provide free of charge for the purpose of self-built exclusively for your needs:

- simple 1-way speakers are the simplest and cheapest structures designed for beginners. They do not require experience and manual skills.

- 2- and 3-way speakers are the most common designs created by designers. Recommended for most people and producers.

- central speaker and subwoofers for home theater systems, refers to an audio channels common to many surround sound formats.

- electronic projects for audiophiles - since 1997 we create electronic circuits for enthusiasts of audio equipment and loudspeakers.


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