From many years we design various electronic and loudspeaker projects for individual customers and small manufacturers.


What we do

One of the main business profile of company activities is loudspeaker design being done according to the Customer needs. For each loudspeaker design required technical documentation is prepared with approximate cost estimation. Constructed prototype set (usually in several copies), is a subjected to aural tests in an anechoic chamber.

We also offer services of design and launch production electronic devices for the audio, biomedicine and cosmetics industries.


Our projects

Here are our projects that provide free of charge for the purpose of self-built exclusively for your needs:

- 2- and 3-way loudspeakers - the most recommended for producers,

- electronic projects for audiophiles - since 1997 we create electronic circuits for enthusiasts of audio equipment and loudspeakers,

- designing and supervising the production of electronic components for cosmetic devices (used for microdermabration, peeling, lipolysis, sonophoresis, carboxytherapy),

- preparation of technical documentation of medical device (laser scanning system, servos, stepper motors controlled by microcontrollers using Labview) and technical support in preparing the production equipment,

- starting the production of the device (controlled via LAN, WiFi and 3G) to mark the products (labeling, ink-jet printing) and implementing them on production lines,

- designing, building a prototype and preparing documentation before the production "intelligent" tires,

- preparation for the production of a portable Raman spectrometer for the food industry

- design and construction of laboratory equipment for British American Tobacco (for testing electronic cigarettes).